LG shows off AI-powered 'smart' washer for dumb people

LG isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. 

The South Korean electronics company known for its TVs, smartphones, and home robots (that don’t really work) has a soon-to-be-released AI-powered washing machine that loudly and clearly sends one particular message: LG doesn’t think too highly of its customers. 

The ThinQ Washer with AI, which CNET reports should be available for purchase in the U.S. sometime within the first two quarters of this year, purports to change the laundry game with its artificial intelligence system. And just what does this system do, you ask?

It determines what kind of cycle to run based on what type of materials are placed inside the machine. For the people who need even more help, the ThinQ Washer with AI can also “[discern] the softness of your laundry,” recognize how large the load is, and, if you really bought into LG’s bonkers vision of a smart-home future, recommend settings to its sister ThinQ dryer. Read more…

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